Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hi!  My main purpose in posting is to point out that I've (finally) recorded my second Mazurka.  There's a link to the right, or you can just click here: .  This takes you to another page, where you have to close the box that pops up, and the click on 'download'.

The more Blogger tortures me with their new format, the better I get at using it.  Dropbox isn't a piece of pie either, but they're better than those of their competitors that I've tried.

Here's my latest favorite picture, from Bing:

It's Vienna, Austria.  I missed Bing pictures while they were gone--they'd fixed it so you couldn't download their pictures.  Well, I complained (more than once--I really do need to get a life), and presumably other people did as well, and now they're back. :)

Not much happening here.  Social Security is reviewing my case before sending it to a judge--did I mention this could take months or years?  I have an appointment soon with the family doctor, at which I will ask for a different blood test for CVID, a blood test to check to see if the pneumonia vaccination 'took', and a referral to somebody who can test for autism.  Yep, I'm going to go for that too.  I debated whether or not I should, but the consensus among people I've mentioned it to seems to be yes.  Hopefully my doctor will take my request seriously.  He's a good guy--he has no idea how to treat CVID, but he'll probably give me what I want--and it's not as if I'm asking for meds or surgery or something, just blood tests and a referral.  I've been told by the lawyer that I don't 'appear' autistic, but it's not uncommon for reasonably bright autistic people to learn to 'fake it' as they get older.

And my 11yo twin, the one who had an ear infection and went on an antibiotic, and then went on another antibiotic, and then yet again another?  I took her to an ENT (ear, nose, & throat) doctor yesterday (which I did manage to find even though I got lost on the way (even though it's next door to our family doctor)). She has something called "Eustachian Tube Dysfunction".  Not as serious as it sounds--she's just been put on a nasal spray.  But I've probably had it, too, a few years ago--I had the same earache that wouldn't go away after the infection cleared up.  I was told nothing was wrong and that I should just go home.  I spent months with a cotton ball in that ear because cold air (anything under 80 degrees) would make the pain worse.  My daughter is having the same problem, having to keep the ear covered.

And I discovered that this doctor tests for APD (Auditory Processing Disorder, the hearing problem that I was diagnosed with in high school).  I've made appointments for myself and all four daughters.  I'm suspecting that my 'ear infection girl' is the one of my children that might have this.  I've always said that she can't follow spoken directions if they're given in sets of one or more.  I've wondered from time to time if my eldest has it--I don't think so, though.

This might give Social Security something else to think about.  The lawyer didn't seem to take it very seriously, but I've already been diagnosed with prosopagnosia, and if I get the APD as well, that might help a lot.  Especially if I get the autism diagnosis.  And even if I don't get Social Security, if I end up on welfare in a works program perhaps they'd have to make accommodations.  I also have the tests from the Social Security doctor that show that I have a crummy visual memory.  My plan is to just keep piling it on.

Of course, when I get sick and can't breath, none of that other stuff matters all that much.

Anyway, I had a good time with the girls yesterday.  After spending a couple of hours at the ENT (and before having to go pick up the prescription) we went to Steak n Shake.  It was good--we all ordered off the value menu--chicken fingers and cheeseburgers all around--and ordered water.  And we all got milkshakes.  That's fun--tall glass glasses filled with pink or green or chocolate brown, topped with whipped cream and cherries.  I don't get paid anything for this advertisement. :)

I don't want to jinx it, but I think it's just possible that my girls are growing up a little bit, to the point where they're not bickering quite so much.  Just in time to keep me from having to pick an illegal substance to start abusing.  One girl in particular (I won't name names, I'll just look at the party and whistle) has been especially hard to deal with, but she may be starting to grow out of it.  I'm starting to get my hopes up that just maybe she'll never be charged with assault and battery.  And neither will I.

Well, back to housework and piano playing, and I have to call my mother soon.  She and my father have colds this week, and I'm avoiding them like, well, like the plague.  One little cold, and this might turn into a repeat of last  November.


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