Monday, February 27, 2012

What Did You Say?

Here are a few good links about CAPD, thanks to someone on a message board.

This first one is a good example of what I hear in a crowded environment, like a party:

This next one is a well-developed, informative site:

And finally, a good site for accomodations and coping strategies:

I'm doing pretty well--still a few minor coughing fits, but I've been shopping and didn't even have to take prednisone.

I'm glad that spring is coming soon--my kids are getting 'cabin fever'.  Many days they can't go outside at all.  One of them was complaining today about not getting to go anywhere lately.  And that's when the guilt hit.

It's not as if I decided one day that I would be sick.  But sometimes I still feel guilty.  As if it's my fault that we don't have enough money for the kids to be enrolled in extracurricular activities, or to go to musems or shopping malls or movies.  My fault that my husband has to work and go to school and be gone so much of the time in his quest to make enough money to keep a roof over our heads.  My fault that I can only drive to a few places and if some activity doesn't take place at one of those, too bad, I can't get there.  My fault I don't get out and meet people so that we'd have more of a social life.  My fault I 'scare' people away by being sick and having all the neurological challenges that I have.  I started to think, if only I could get a job....

I shook myself out of that funk pretty quickly--it's usually not too difficult when I'm being reasonably healthy and I've had a decent night's sleep.  I went back to housework and the piano.

I've gotten quite obsessed with Schubert's sonatas lately.  Oh, here's a link to a wonderful pianist I've just discovered:!/photo.php?v=483846457988

Christian Zacharias. :)

And I'm off to practice.  Good night!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Oh, No, I Kicked the Ball....Now What?

This explains a lot:

The scientists at Washington University School of Medicine (St. Louis) conducted a study and concluded that autism and clumsiness go together.  I'm thinking of the stereotypical geeky child who never socializes and keeps their nose in a book all day long and isn't any good at any sport whatsoever. 

I was that clutzy child.  They wanted to hold me back in kindergarten because I couldn't open my own milk at snack time or tie my shoes.  I sucked at sports.  I couldn't walk a balance beam.  I couldn't ride a bicycle without training wheels until I was twelve.  In high school I was failing PE (and still having trouble tying my shoes).  I couldn't put a basketball in a basket, or hit a baseball, or serve a volleyball, or kick a kickball (how on Earth can you miss a kickball when it's just sitting there?). 

It was horrifying then, but it's almost funny now--once I somehow actually kicked the kickball and then couldn't figure out for the life of me which way first base was.  In high school.  I'd never actually kicked or hit anything before.

I once spent hours and hours throwing a tennis ball at a wall over the course of several weeks because I was sick and tired of not being able to toss anybody anything or catch anything for any reason.  I did improve after that--I vividly remember somebody throwing me a closed bottle of liquid paper in typing class and my (very secret) pride at having caught it.

These days I still trip over my own feet in bright daylight.  I run into things that aren't moving.  I drop things.  Sometimes the same thing more than once.  All right, more than twice.   Occasionally accompanied by inappropriate language.

Maybe they should put this on the new DSM-V list of symptoms.  (Not the inappropriate language, I mean the clumsiness.)

I'm still recuperating--most of the asthma attacks now are more minor ones.  It still left me breathless the day before yesterday to shop at Wal-mart, but at least I didn't have to take prednisone.

I'm off now to play that Schubert impromptu yet again.  I'll try not to trip over anything on the way there....

Friday, February 10, 2012

More Soda!

Well, this is what I thought would happen if I started to feel halfway decent....I've been too busy doing things to sit and type much.  I've only had to take prednisone twice in the last week.  I went out shopping the other day and only had two asthma attacks while I was doing it.  And I've exercised (yay!)--twenty minutes a day for three days, but not all at once, only a few minutes at a time, and easy stuff.  The easy stuff leaves me breathing hard enough.

I probably wouldn't be typing today, but I woke up with a horrible migraine.  After almost two hours, the (four) Advil and caffeinated soda seem to have taken the edge off, as long as I don't try to do anything stupid like move.  I missed my 'aura' last night--the incredibly tired feeling before bedtime that signals it's time to take Advil before bed so I don't have to wake up with this.  I'm now to the point where typing isn't too much movement.  Seriously, running my finger over the mousepad was a lot of work an hour ago.  I'm lucky it's getting this good--it was so awful when I woke up that I was afraid it was going to be completely out of control for the next twelve hours or so.  There's hope I'll be back to playing the piano before lunch.

I'm going to go drink more caffeine....back in a second....

Okay, I'm back.  Lots of caffeine helps.

Not much happening here.  It's all right with me if I don't have the debilitating illness to talk about endlessly.  I'm still on my house cleaning binge.  I've cleaned all the windows, pictures, light fixtures, etc. downstairs, moved a lot of furniture, cleaned a lot of shelves.  We have a dumpster for trash pick-up and two smaller ones, and I've been filling all three every week, which is a sad little commentary on how much cleaning needs to be done around here.  If you want a spotless house, I don't recommend having children and getting sick.  Although the children are great for slave labor....

I've also played a lot of piano lately--I got kind of obsessed with Schubert's sonatas.  I'm taking a break but they're calling me so I'll probably be back soon.

Since I've run out of anything interesting to say, I'll just quit talking now....

Time to go wake up the kids for school anyway. :)


Friday, February 3, 2012

What About Me?

This is a good one--so good I'm taking a break from my Schubert-playing/house-cleaning binge to mention it here.  I've been in the state described in this blog post for the last couple of months--rebelling against the idea that I should apologize for being so sick....

I finished playing through one of my new Schubert sonata books from Christmas--fifteen sonatas.  I only had one asthma attack today.  Got a nosebleed several times, though--that's not normal for me.  But I've gotten so much housework done I won't have anything to do tomorrow. lol  Two of the girls went on a sleepover that started this morning, so it's been a quiet.  The other two watched old "V" re-run today.  I introduced them to "V" a few months ago, so they'll grow up to be fine examples of good geekdom.  Did you ever notice that the same guy that did the music for "V" (Dennis McCarthy) did "Star Trek: The Next Generation" as well?  They used some of the exact same music for both series.  And we quite clearly heard original Star Trek bridge sounds on one episode today.  Those sounds are everywhere on television.

All in favor of making the ST:TNG theme song our new national anthem?


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Now what?!!

Don't know what it is this time, but I've been wheezing since the middle of this afternoon, and it's almost bedtime now.  I'm thinking I'm going to be all right, it's just another minor setback, but I did end up sitting at the computer for a couple of hours earlier, suddenly unable to help the girls with their schoolwork.  Homeschooling while fighting for air is not easy.  I've got it set up so the girls can mostly do their own schoolwork when they need to.  We're also on an almost-year-round schedule, so that we can take days off for my illness, as well as errand days.  Since we live a little way from the nearest city, it's easier (and cheaper given the price of gas) to run all of our errands in one big trip.

The girls all know at 9 a.m. to get out their schoolbooks, which are always put away from the last school day.  Organization is the key to homeschooling (and keeping house) with a major illness.  Everybody has to know what they're supposed to do, and when.

With any luck, I'll wake up feeling better in the morning.  'Night!