Friday, September 21, 2012

Is It Bedtime Yet?

Well, I've recovered from the pneumonia vaccination, only to get hit with a four-day 'migrainy' episode.  It's my 'regularly scheduled' (monthly) migraine, but this one has been the Migraine From Hell.  The first three days I just 'tried' to get it.  This morning I finally succeeded.  I woke up first thing with an out-of-control full-blown migraine.  Usually I can catch them before they get that bad.  Not this time.

I spent most of the day, until around dinner time, anticipating my next dose of advil.  I know I'm not supposed to take four advil at a time, but that's what it takes to keep it under control.  That and huge amounts of diet caffeinated soda.  I spent a lot of time zoned out in front of the computer (rediscovering the joy of Word Bubble at Lumosity--what is it with me and 'bubbles' anyway?), the first two liters of caffeine being enough to keep me vertical.  I haven't played the piano in days--the migraine has had me too tired to play the piano on top of keeping the household under control.

I've had a lot of trouble with my left eye--my vision kept winking in and out.

Meanwhile, I've gotten my blood test result from the doctor--and it was negative.  After further investigation, it looks like I got the wrong, or at least an insufficient, test.  The doctor was happy--I don't have allergies (after keeping cooped up in the house for a month because of the sneezing during hay fever season) and I don't have an immune deficiency.  He was telling me this while I was on antibiotics for a double ear and sinus infection.  In September.  Congratulations to me, I am well.

Maybe I'll fail to respond to the pneumonia vaccine.  Maybe further testing (a little research and questioning an online CVID group has turned up the name of the test I need to ask for) will show I'm sick.  Maybe the repeated infections will eventually convince him.  But I am seriously bummed out about this.  Maybe a positive test result would have convinced the food stamp people, and eventually even Social Security.  Maybe this winter my husband's job will dry up and it would have been just him going through the work program.  I won't last long before getting sick, and if by some miracle I don't get sick right away, I'll never be able to drive myself to the interviews they'll insist upon.

This week I had to buy gas for the van ten dollars at a time.  My two older girls went roller skating and had to pay for it themselves.  I couldn't get a lot of things at the grocery store.  Fortunately my disaster preparedness keeps us stocked up.  But it's frustrating when a clerk at a gas station wonders out loud why we're only buying ten dollars worth of gas.

I just keep trying not to think about it.

We were lucky--my sister's package came today.  Some cash to try to get through the month with.  And some little presents.  She spoils us.

And now I have things to do--I've fallen a bit behind this week, and today in particular.  It was an effort to be proud of, my keeping up with anything today.  I'm so glad the girls all have chores to do--I would have hated having to do it all by myself today.

Good night.

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